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The kinds of things we


Oruburos brings a keen eye for linking marketing execution & strategy to technical and creative implementation. Our goal is always to combine strategic direction with dynamic and flexible implementation to provide maximum value.

Application design and development

Whether you're looking to create a simple application to a more complex social media type application, we can help you plan your strategy, implement and deliver of the application. We have deep experience in the User Experience, User Interface and technical implementation of applications that serve our clients goals and help to create new communications pathways in the digital sphere.

UX/UI Consulting

If you're looking to really understand your customers needs and to improve your user interfaces, we provide consulting that helps translate your business goals into the right UI and UX strategies with the appropriate technical solutions.

Website design and development

We create a custom design and development a website based on on a needs assessment of your organization that reflects the visual identity of your organization and integrates the right functionality that will help you to grow your business.

Content management solutions

A powerful content management system can rule the world, literally. We take stock of your content and taxonomy needs and create CMS systems in PHP, Rails, PHP, Drupal and Python to suit the kind of system that will yield maximum reward for your organization.

Social media strategy and development

Still trying figure out a strategy to harness the most liquid gold from your social media platforms? Creating a workable social media platform that ties into your website integration will allow you to build the lines of connection between your audience, and make a direct impact on your community.

Blog development

Having a forum for your company to have a voice and interact with its audience is important to the ideas of sharing and community building so prevalent in today's marketplace. There are so many options for blog platforms today that it's easy to get started at a low cost. We'll help you create your strategic objective for the blog, implement it and integrate it to the rest of your online communication platform.

E-newsletter/e-blast marketing

Reaching your customers with news of promotionals, events, new blog posts and other community building articles becomes easy with our e-newsletters that match the branding of your website and provide a robust online database for your audience emails as well as powerful tracking response software.

Google map API

Google maps can be customized with your information and implemented within your website by our API experts. If you're an organization with multiple locations, a custom Google map setup will allow your audience the most accessibility and ease of use.


E-commerce strategies can help a person or organization selling 1 product or a million. There are many different ways to implement and e-commerce strategy that is right for you and your budget. We can construct a simple Paypal connected portal with your website for minimal cost. Or if you have greater, merchandise/inventory size and fulfillment needs we can help create a strategy for building a customized storefront that connects to a powerful and secure merchant gateway.

Website maintenance

Keeping your site current with regularly updated content is key to sustaining the value of your initial investment in a website. The updating of your site will require one of two things: either the employment of a webmaster who is familiar with the programming languages used to create the site, or the installation of a CMS (content management system), which creates an easy WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) interface that allows you to make changes to the content of your site 24/7 as easy as if you were editing a Word document.

Text message strategies

Text messaging is a great way to provide loyalty benefits to your VIP customers. VIP customers receive text messages that let them know of special deals offered for a limited time at your organization for this elite group. Great tool for restaurant and club owners to use to fill your space on empty nights.
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